User Persona: Lynda

User Persona: Lynda

Lynda is a small business owner .

  • Age:
  • Occupation:

    Small business owner 

  • Family:
    Married with kids
  • Location:


  • Character:

    Creative thinkers

  • Organisation size:
  • Who do they report to:
    No one
  • Introvert / Extrovert
  • Analytical / Creative
  • Loyal / Fickle
  • Passive / Active


  1. Learning and upskilling.

  2. Networking with other business-minded people

  3. Improving her marketing reach


  1. Frustrated with the limitations of her current systems

  2. Busy and doesn't have much spare time

Bio or Scenario

Lynda is an entrepreneur, a mother of two who has to balance both home and work-life. Her business is growing, and she is looking for cost-efficient ways to manage her time.

Wix doesn’t give her the flexibility she needs and is sad/frustrated by the time it takes to write endless support tickets to get the changes she needs.

She is looking for good value, a support team she can call on, and her website needs to be mobile-first.


  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Speed

Brands & Influencers

Preferred Channels

  • Referral
  • Online & Social Media
  • Traditional Ads
  • Guerrilla Efforts & PR