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We know that not all Joomla websites are the same; different projects require different approaches & have different levels of customisation—Here's how we do it.

How we do it

Extensions & Joomla Updates are 1st pushed to our testing platform, checked over and fixed. Next, they are rolled out to your sites, boosting efficiency, ensuring uptime & lowing costs.

Our extension list is fully licensed, & software patches are applied regularly.

Option 1

Fully automated.
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Option 2

Partially automated.
Have a Joomla site that needs particular attention due to custom code; we've got it covered as well!

Simple costs.

Prices do not include VAT.

Joomla Updates


per extension,
+ vendors licence,
+ fixing breaking changes,
Duration: 12 Months,
then rolling contract.

Joomla Support


for 30 mins support.
Duration: 12 Months,
then rolling contract.



Support Services

Custom-tailored maintenance contracts to cover cosmetic issues, custom code, support, bugs, defects & security patches.

Why us?

We've been the talent behind the official Joomla Extension Directory in fraud protection, support management, a Joomla Forum moderator and current members of the Joomla Bug Squad - that's why people trust us!

Our history

Started as a listing editor in 2012 and went on to be the Joomla Extension Detective, Paul Franklin later worked his way up to become the Joomla Extension Support Manager. Our other director, Mark Smeed, later joined the team. Together, they have supported thousands of Joomla users across the globe. They've upheld Joomla's coding standard, advised developers on extension submission, dealt with user disputes, making our team well-credentialed Joomla support champions!

Lets get started!

Let's have a look at your system. We'll check for security vulnerabilities, software updates, mobile friendliness, maintainability and give you a 100% free report. Then if you're happy, we can get started.
Matt Owers

Matt Owers

Head of Support

Paul Franklin

Support & Director
Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke

Project Management
Support team

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Joomla Support Team

Our Joomla support team can help you organise & maintain a healthy website; there when you get stuck, or in need of a helping hand!

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