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Simple plans, simple costs.

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10GB SSD hot storage, 40GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate and emails.



40GB SSD hot & cold storage, unlimited bandwidth, backups, free SSL certificate & emails.



2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, 80 GB Fast SDD, cPanel Premier

Manage with ease

Track and control account activity with our unique and intuitive dashboard.

Fast & Robust

Our hosting solutions have been tailored to Joomla's requirements, with most of our websites loading within 1.2 seconds.

Super Fast Network

Test our network and see how fast you could go?

Solid-State Drives

SSD microchip technology allows up to 100x more throughput and 10x better response time than 15K RPM spinning disks.

CDN & Firewall

A network of servers delivering content to your visitor's local geographic location, meaning you're fast everywhere!

What's more, our solution adds a layer of protection, as it actively analyses all the network traffic coming to your site.

A Trusted Partner

Trusted by prominent companies, services, and institutions across the globe.
  • Energy UK
  • NHS

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