Taking on Existing Projects

Existing and partially built project's?

 As a reputable business we place a high value on our clientele and want to ensure that a good working practice is set in place from the start.

This is why our official position is not to take on projects where we cannot clearly divide between the work done by the previous developer and the work that may be done by us!

Good communication and clear divides help bypass problems and potential issues that may happen due to incomplete work and ensures that the correct parameters and accountability are in place. It ensures that the build is clearly documented, that the code is clearly written and notated. It serves to achieve a positive working relationship which may otherwise not be achievable.

Health & security checks

If you want us to take on an existing project we would ask that all known outstanding issues and problems be carefully and clearly documented. Sometimes projects can be delayed and go wrong due to poor communication so this is something we carefully consider before taking any project on. We will then ask for 4 hours upfront to look through your documentation, perform a security check which includes looking for vulnerabilities, a look at your configuration and investigate into the integrity of the code.

We will then document our findings and present them to you in a report along with a list of our recommendations.  If we can agree on the important points we would be happy to take the project on.

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