What We Do

We are setup as a development workshop which is best suited for medium to large projects. As a specialist team we are well resourced drawing from many years of experience in building bespoke application on Joomla. We believe that we can meet your needs regardless of how complex or how unique they are. We are hardworking, open and transparent and will earn every penny you agree to pay!

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How we do it

 Wireframes, designs & documentation

Depending on the scope of your project we may design up wireframes. This allows all parties to see exactly what we propose to build before we start. This is also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, which is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website or application. These wireframes depict the page layout or arrangement including interface elements and navigational systems and how they work together.

It allows space to thrash out any inconsistency and amend the document before we start the build. Once this has been agreed and all parties are happy we will invite you to sign it off, then we will be fully accountable to this document and we won't charge you a penny more!

 Project collaboration

Our in-house project manager works to provide a detailed roadmap of the projects progress task by task. It allows all parties to collaborate on any aspect of the project in a thread like fashion when needed. Each time a task is updated, modified or replied the system will notify all users of the same, permitting all parties to view, contribute and be involved in the internal communication during the course of the development. We will also provide direct access to the staging servers which allow you to visually track our progress during its course.

 Communication and availability

As all our work is developed in-house, by a London based team of Joomla specialists, you will be able to communicate directly with us at any time during the course of the project. We will be happy to provide you with an in office hour’s telephone number, e-mail address and access to our support system.

A primary purpose of this is to detect software failures so that defects may be discovered and corrected.  Test techniques include, but are not limited to the process of executing a program or application in various environments with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects). Does it do what it is supposed to do and do what it needs to do? This is why we are always keen to work alongside our clients during the project and for them to be involved in this process prior to rollout.

Once signed off, we will deploy the system on any compatible server or provide the Joomla files packaged if required.  These files will consist of a mirror copy of the Joomla system along with the database files using Akeeba Backup.


Our training sessions generally last 2 hours for which we aim to cover the three basic aspects of the system: An overview of Joomla; Understanding extensions, content editing and site management.

During these sessions we will work with you to ensure that you get hands on experience and guide you in the right direction.  We have found that a training session followed by hands on support (which is offered under our SLA) works to be the best solution in getting people up to speed. This is because 90% of human learning is through hands on practical application.

 Support and SLA Agreements

Our support and maintenance services are conducted by way of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). These contracts are comprehensive and include service credits if we fail to respond within the agreed duration. This helps to save time and money on staff; it can eliminate site issues and downtime, increases the lifespan of your website, improves the level of security for your business and will keep your system up-to-date with the latest software patches and fixes. Details of what this covers are set out in our schedule of service which is often custom tailored to a project depending upon its requirements. However, this typically covers Support Services, Joomla System Updates and Bugs and Defects.

On new developments it is our policy to insist upon a 6 month SLA agreement and that it comes into effect upon the completion of the project. This works as an introduction into the real world and sees that the necessary support systems are in place to ensure that your team and your new website get a flying head start.

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