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Love Literacy case study
Love Literacy is an intervention service committed to raising the academic outcomes for learners.
They provide 4 to 6-week online courses for a range of learners, developing specific curriculum areas, with GCSEs and 11+ objectives.

The Breif

The brief was to deliver an eLearning Portal that would be easy to use for both students and teachers.

It needed to manage monthly subscriptions, support different course types and users, track students progress and support two-way students and teacher communication.

The Challenge

E-Learning Platform

The first challenge was delivering the right solution for the E-eLearning platform. While we knew many LMS systems could bring together the management of lessons, courses and certification, finding a tool that would allow two-way communication between the teacher and student would be more challenging. Equally, students needed to reach out to their teachers for help, and each response was to trigger an email notification.

Payment System

The next challenge was with the payment system, which would need to be versatile in managing both standard products and selling recurring subscriptions.

Access Levels 

We needed a way of managing who could see what across the website. For instance, when users signed up, the system needed to grant them access to their purchased course/s and revoke it when their subscription expired.

Parent & Child accounts

We soon realised that parents wanted to purchase courses on behalf of their children. It meant that the child user and parent user required different account types and roles. For example, the child user would sit the course while the parent user would be the registered guardian and manage payments.

case study E-Learning


We use a reputable LMS system from Joomla, which reduce build time and ongoing maintenance fees. It provided broad support for documents, media files, slides and offered helpful reporting screens for teachers.

Student-teacher communication was more challenging as it came with some specific requirements. It allowed teachers to announce homework to students in a particular class; each student could upload their homework privately. Teachers could comment personally on the student's submitted assignment. Students could also ask for help via the Ask a Question form below their assignment or their student dashboard. And a live chat facility is available, providing immediate support and assistance.

Case Study Payment System

Payment System

We needed a way of allowing students to sign up and access a chosen course for the given duration. The answer was to use a native e-commerce subscription tool as it tied seamlessly into Joomla's access control.

The subscription works by setting the period, cost and then assigns the user to a user group for a said duration. This user group allows for welcome emails and expiry notices, homework and teacher/student communication.

Case Study Access levels

Access levels

The access-control defines what user in a particular user group can access. It allows a user who has purchased the KS2 English shop item to access the KS2 English lesson and support areas. These can also be set across the system in any resource, allowing the system to be versatile and extendable.

Love Literacy Parent & Child

Parent & Child Accounts

A child user needed to be associated with a parent account, and a parent needed to view their child's communication and lesson progress.

We developed a custom component that allowed the parent to switch their user to their child, a custom field property to identify the users that can switch, and a plugin to add the child user name credentials.

It allows parents to create and manage multiple child accounts under one subscription. For example, a parent can manage two student accounts. Each child account can have its own LMS learning data while being managed under one subscription.

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Mrs Zara Muirhead, Company owner @ Love Literacy