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What is Copywriting?

See how we can boost your sales revenue.

We say what you do and why your viewer should hire you, in as few words as possible.

We don’t read as much as we used to. We now watch and listen.
Chances are you’ll lose a sale if you can’t quickly convey your message, and that includes copy used in video.

But brevity alone
won't do the trick.

A brief paragraph bogged down by weak verbs, ponderous nouns, and prepositional and passive phrases makes for hard reading and often distracts from the intended purpose.

Look at this example:


"John came to the realisation that an increase in revenue lay in better copywriting."


"John realised that better copywriting increased revenue."

Version two is lighter, sharper, and shorter.

We don’t practice a “Me Tarzan. You Jane,” approach.
Good communication relies on rhythm as much as word choice.
We simply aim to deliver copy that best communicates with
your target audience.

How do we do this?

We let your results do the talking

We don’t just say that your business is brilliant. We show that it’s brilliant. Instead of stating that you’re excellent and trustworthy, we strive to weave in examples of your business’ qualities that testify to that excellence and reliability. 

We don't just say that your business is brilliant, we show that it's brilliant.

We make our adjectives count

Nowhere is this principle disregarded more than in the billboard campaigns of new housing developments.

“Luxury” Apartments.
“Stunning” Apartments.
“Deluxe” Apartments.

What do these empty modifiers actually tell us? They neither beautify nor trendify their products.  What is their unique selling point? What gives their property developments the edge over their competitors?

If your development's in a town, it's a "Modern Urban Dwelling."

If it’s by a river and tree-lined path, it’s a "Leafy, Riverside Development."

See the difference?

We keep our words
attractive, illustrative, and informative.

We debunk the power of the exclamation mark.

Never more so do words seem to jump up and down in your face saying “Pick me! Pick me!” than when wrongly followed by an exclamation mark.  It's neither professional, nor persuasive.

We seek to instill in your copy a quiet and infectious confidence that says "We're good and we know it. We don't need to shout about it.

"You don’t want to grab your visitors' attentions – all manner of counterproductive techniques can achieve this. You want to pique your audience’s curiosity.

You don’t make someone fall in love with you by saying "I’m amazing. You can’t do better than me.  Make the most of this opportunity while it lasts!" You court them. You give them every reason to believe you're genuine as well as attractive.

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