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Why Redesign your Website?

75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility by their website design.

One bad website experience and the user is 88% less likely to visit the website again.

Our website plans offer the full package.
Good looks and intelligence!

In a competitive online marketplace we have seconds to earn our visitors’ attentions, but earn the eye and the ear will follow.

We make everything clear.

Reports show that 46% of business-to-business buyers will leave a website if its purpose isn't immediately clear.  

Reports also show that 37% will leave because of poor navigation.

We built smart websites.

Reports show that 80% of website visitors focus on the content above the fold (the visible area of your website pages before scrolling). We aim to keep our clientele’s principal information above this line for maximum impact and effect.

Should the volume of your content require longer pages, our intuitive layouts are sure to prompt scrolling.

Harness the speed of life and see your sales soar.

We can help you tell your market what they want while making them think it was their idea.

Market research has found that consumer preferences take a backseat to the most visually engaging commodity/service in a hectic and distracted environment. Our intuitive website designs seek to utilise this trend to maximise your reach and productivity.

A strong start is nothing without a strong finish.

In accordance with the Serial-position effect, which stipulates that the human mind best recalls the first and last item of a series, we’re equally adept at capitalizing upon the high attention span given to the bottom of web pages, by assigning call to actions, and/or other persuasive content.

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