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iFleet is a tool designed to help fleet companies manage their staff and couriers. Unlike other tools, iFleet has had a lot of input from various people in the industry who work day in and day out in this field to help shape it into what it is today.

If you are finding the workflow of managing your staff a never ending resource drain then - iFleet is for you!  

Document Management

Documents are an important part of any fleet management such as driving licenses, insurance details, MOT details, proof of address etc…  This is essential, for example if a courier crashes in to another vehicle then the courier company is required to provide the necessary documentation to the insurance company.

It can be the case that these documents can be filed away in an unscrupulous place, especially if the courier may no longer work for the company. This can take the staff hours to find the document, assuming that it has not been accidentally misplaced. Additionally if a staff member needs to view a document, then they would have to go hunting for the file. This takes time and ultimately wastes money and resources.

iFleet overcomes this issue by retaining the documents in a secure digital environment. It also seeks to sanitise the data by ensuring that staff do not simply upload any file documents, but rather gets them to check the document before uploading it. 

For instance if someone were to upload an ID card, it is important that the photo meets certain criteria. Staff would only be able to upload the document if they answered the questions correctly. 

That information is logged and can be accessed through the audit trail which seeks to ensure that the necessary accountabilities are set in place. Depending upon the users permission the document would then become 'marked for approval' for managers, or require approval by staff users with higher access levels. 

These documents can be approved or rejected.  If rejected, a form appears asking the user to select from a predefined list of reasons for the rejection of the documentation.

Document Expiry Alerts

To improve the workflow each document is set with an Expiry Date.  This tool sets flags within iFleet to ensure that when their MOT is about to expire, notification emails are sent to the courier insisting that they come in to the office with an up to date MOT certificate.  Staff members can run reports to produce a list of couriers who have expired and/or missing documentation. 

This allows companies to effortlessly keep all courier documentation up to date and instantly access all current and historical documentation about a courier.

Application & Employment Management  

Courier companies require their courier’s to fill out an application form. 

The workflow requires staff management to read the form, add the information to a computer application, file the information and then send a letter / phone call to the courier asking them to come back for a meeting with requires documentation.

iFleet helps streamlines this process by making a digital version of the application form.  Therefore when the courier enters the information the application is save pending for approval. If and when the candidate is approved iFleet will automate the process by sending the courier an email or SMS message requesting further action. This could be custom tailored to your specific needs but in this instance it is used to request an applicant to an interview and to invite them to bring all supporting documentation.

If the courier is accepted iFleet sends a request for the courier to sign the Terms and Conditions.  Only when they have agreed, iFleet informs the relevant department asking them to verify all of the details entered by the courier and the supporting documentation attached to the profile by the staff member. If approved, iFleet will send the courier the relevant information. This can also be configured to post these details to a third party application thus minimising the need for staff having to enter information manually and human errors.

SMS Tools

Staff calling couriers to arrange meetings and to tell them that their documents need renewing can take a lot of time and effort. iFleet has the ability to send multiple SMS messages to the fleet reminding them that documentation is require or just for them to come in for a meeting!

Invoice / Payslip System

We have found that many companies send employees invoices/payslips by post. On looking at the costs, we discovered by including an invoice/payslip viewing screen that iFleet was able to save companies thousands of pounds a year in postal cost alone!

In a quick review of our systems we learned that if a company sent out a thousand invoices a week by Royal Mail's second class (at the time of writing this document) it would cost £0.50 per invoice This means that companies adopting such a system could save £26,000.00 a year on postage alone. Additional savings would be made in printing costs plus time saved, as employees will no longer have to fold and physically send the invoice.

So how does it work?

iFleet is built to read a print file and to interpret these files, automatically assigning them to the employee. Once done, an email is sent to the employee notifying them that an invoice has been created. They can then log in to iFleet, go to the invoices section and view all of the invoices / payslips that have been created for them. This is especially helpful in saving time at the end of the financial year, where employees and their accountants need all of the invoices/payslips. Often the employees lose the invoices and then have to contact the fleet department asking for duplicates. With iFleet they only need to log in to view there history which further reduces support time.

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iFleet Invoice / Payslip System
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CitySprint is the UK's leading SameDay distribution network offering: SameDay Courier, SameDay Logistics and International & UK Overnight services on a 24/7 basis.

We were initially invited to implement a new process of managing CitySprint's couriers online.  To do this we used iFleet which has been further developed to manage a wide rang of elements, which today underpins the entire CitySprint operation. This extends to document management, driver accounts, invoice generation, asset management, SMS and email notification and connects to the DVLA and VOSA databases to check drivers insurance and MOT documents.

Structure and Scalability

After our initial consultation with CitySprint it became apparent that iFleet, the proposed custom built application, would need to be built in a way which would be both scalable and extendable to meet their growing needs.


In reply, we developed the application upon Joomla! because it offers a flexible modern object-oriented design pattern which allowed us to develop the application over a course of two years. This makes the iFleet application highly maintainable and easily extendable. Its strength is that all the visual and functional elements sit on top of the main framework. This means that additional functionality can easily be added and even the entire design of the Tool can be updated.


Today more than ever before, online security is a priority. As criminals become more and more innovative in their techniques to steal online data, online applications are required to become more and more resourceful in their security systems.


Developing the application provided an opportunity to implement security best practice from the start. Management of the complete development lifecycle from requirements analysis through to configuration, deployment and operations, allowed us to address security issues to ensure a safe and risk-minimised project.

A number of bespoke security policies were adopted in addition to the standard security, backups and configuration measures. These solutions work as a second line to protect iFleet from malicious users:

  • Data sanity check
    The system checks the received data and prevents any possible SQL Injection attacks and hacking attempts by executable files that are going to be uploaded to the server by rendering any malicious code useless;
  • Data is remotely stored
    This prevents other external applications from being able to access the data;
  • The code is encrypted
    The encrypted data will force the hacker to use the same access point as the website thus forcing the hacker to authenticate themselves, which they will not be able to do;
  • Logs
    The application also logs every action performed by the logged in users.  This allows the website administrators to monitor users activities and to be able to role back any updated data.

Access Control List (ACL) system

CitySprint needed a system, which would allow different groups to have access to different functionality and restricts the fields and documentation shown to the user. For instance the drivers financial details are required only to be shown to the accounts department while photocopies of the Passport's and Drivers license are only shown to the Fleet department.


In reply, we developed a bespoke solution, which allows different groups to have access to different functionality and restricts the fields and documentation shown. This was addressed in two parts:  the first being the development of the ALC system and the second part was to develop the iFleet application in a way which would allow the ALC system to control which users are able to access what part or object.

This approach allowed for greater flexibility as the ALC system works irrespective of the iFleet screens. In essence its job allows different ‘user groups’ to access different parts (or objects) within the system, while iFleet component manages how the data is stored and displayed. By separating these components we were able to extent the ACL control to new elements as and when they are developed, making the system highly adaptable and flexible.

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Object-Oriented Design Pattern

We would love to talk to you about iFleet and how it can work for your business. If you are interested and want to know more please feel welcome to call us on: +44 208 500 1303 or use the form below and we will call you right back.

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